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The world has gotten pretty rough for anyone trying to enjoy a nice day after school, especially when one considers what occurs in some darkened cities. Those dastardly villains just refused to stay in their secured jails and none of them care at all about the education they are disrupting! The cops do all that they can, but who can compete with some of the weird powers that these villains possess these days!?Fortunately, we know that Batman is always out there, ready to kick some bad guy butt to help us out. But, even he can’t tackle things all on his own. That’s why we’re glad to know that Bats is always looking to recruit the best of the best among the youth to teach them the goodly ways of defending the public. There have been a number of Robins throughout history, most of them moving on to become some pretty fantastic heroes in their own right. But, when one Robin turns into Nightwing, Batman we’re all hoping that the new Robin stands up to take the mantle of the Caped Crusader’s best buddy.You’ve raised your child right, which means that that kiddo is ready to do whatever it takes to help out any local buddies! Fortunately, we’ve got the gear you need in this Robin Tutu costume. This superhero red and green dress shows off Robin’s iconic color scheme and comes with the very same yellow satin cape. Silver foam gauntlets protect your tyke from any incoming attack and the glittering black Robin eye mask protects your kiddo’s identity while providing the perfect amount of panache! Evil-doers beware, because this gal means business!

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