Girls Scary Broken Doll Costume


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Oh what a lovely doll this is! Hmm… seems a little ragged. And something is wrong with the face, that much is clear. But maybe it’s an antique collector’s item, right? Sure, that’s a nice doll. Nothing scary here except- wait, did it just move? No, must have been our imagination. Dolls can’t move, silly! Wait, it’s definitely moving! This is no antique collector’s item! This is an evil doll! Run! Run for your lives! This is like one of those creepy doll mash-ups that the bad kid from Toy Story would make. Or Chuckie from Child’s Play. Oh no, does this doll have a human soul inside? We’re all gonna die! Kill it with fire!Has the above ever happened to you? Of course it has. It seems like every other day there’s an incident of an old doll in the neighborhood coming to life to seek revenge on its owners and collect the souls from their corpses (if this thing doesn’t happen to you, you’re living in the wrong neighborhood, pal). But here’s the twist: this time the doll isn’t just a doll, it’s your daughter! Yup, sorry to say but she’s evil and possessed by a doll now. Or the doll is possessed by her? We’re not really sure on the “rules” of the whole evil doll thing, suffice to say you’re in trouble. Especially if she stares right at you blinking those big eyes and saying “mama” like she has no real feeling inside. If she’s already doing that, run! Don’t look back! You have to find a new place to live. If she’s not already doing that, tell her it would make her costume much creepier and she should definitely try it out with her friends. But not with you! Not because you’d be terrified, of course not. You’re the parent, after all.

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