Gold Print Angel Wings for Kids


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Every Time a Bell Rings…You said it once. Now your little one won’t stop trying to make bell noises. It was very cute to start—your little one is an angel (most days)—but the constant fake ringing is starting to lessen her angelic nature. Lucky for you, your little one finally got to the point and explicitly asked if she can dress as an angel for Halloween. So go ahead, ring that bell one more time and get your little angel some wings.Details and DesignWith these Kids Gold Print Angel Wings your little will one look like they came down from Heaven. The 24″ wingspan lets your little one feel ready to take flight while the elastic shoulder straps help keep the wings comfortably in place. Don’t worry about a mess of feathers either. No amount of skipping, dancing, or shaking will dislodge the delicately detailed feathers on these angel wings. The velvet-covered wings are patterned with metallic-gold printed feathers to make a glittering impression and no mess. This Made by Us exclusive will be the perfect accessory for your child’s angel costume.Picture PerfectThink of all the lifestyle pictures you’re going to get… Whether it’s Halloween and your little one wants to show their angelic qualities or you’re looking to do something special for this year’s family pictures, these Made by Us angel wings are going to be a hit.

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