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THE NEXT CHAPTER OF THE TALEWe all know the story of the golden-haired gal who went wandering in the forest and got rather handsy with everything that didn’t belong to her. And rather particular about what she was stealing. Turns out everything for Momma and Poppa Bear were just too nice for Goldilock’s delicate sensibilities. Then again, she and the kiddo bear probably were much more similar. It only stands to reason. And she was in the woods alone. Maybe we’re not being very fair.Who knows what happens after the story concludes with Goldilocks getting freaked out and chased back into the woods by the three bears coming home? Perhaps she came back to apologize and revealed herself to be a rather polite gal who was just practicing good narrative principles of finding that happy middle ground. Maybe she offered to help clean the house as a way to make up for breaking Baby Bear’s chair. (Or maybe she’s just still hunting for snacks…)DESIGN & DETAILSIt is time for you to finish the tale for us and we’re happy to help. Our own designers tried several designs before finding the one that is just right: this exclusive Goldilocks Costume. Your kiddo is going to look sugar-sweet in this light yellow dress with ruffled hemline, a white collar, and a printed bear pattern all over. The apron is pale blue with an embroidered heart and an embroidered teddy bear in the pocket. The matching pale blue bow attaches with a metal clip to finish off this cute look.CERTAIN TO BRING SMILESPerhaps Goldilocks started out as a bit presumptive and obnoxious in the story, but when she’s learned her lesson and looks this sweet, she’s certain to make friends with the local bears and earn her way into their hearts. Your kiddo is going to be doing just the same in this look that’s just right for your home, too!

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