Goosebumps Slappy the Dummy Mask


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Putting Words in Your MouthDo you remember reading Goosebump books when you were little? We remember desperately scouring the library shelves for books that we hadn’t yet read. What was going to happen in the newest Monster Blood? What was the cover of the Curse of Camp Cold Lake hinting at? Summer break simply wasn’t complete if you didn’t spend plenty of nights reading chapter after cliffhanger chapter hours after your parents told you to go to sleep. The best ongoing category of this series? Night of the Living Dummy! Now, R. L. Stine came up with plenty of dummy characters that took over and ruined the lives of the main heroes and heroines of this series but none are quite as vicious as good ol’ Slappy! Product DetailsYou’ll be your younger self’s living nightmare when you put on this licensed dummy mask that looks like it’s straight from the cover of a slime-covered Goosebumps book. It will cover your entire head with a slit in the back to make taking the mask off easy. The padding on the inside will give you comfort while also giving the latex mask stable position. When paired with a tuxedo you’ll look like you’re ready for a talent show no one will ever forget!Go Ahead, be a dummyWhether you’re trying to dissuade your young nephew from taking up ventriloquism or you’re simply dressing up for Halloween, this Slappy mask is sure to be a hit. So go ahead and take a walk down Memory Lane. And just remember, if things go truly wrong in Goosebump land, there’s a strong chance that it was all a dream.

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