Gorgeous Ghost Costume for Girls


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Haunted but HappyWe always think of ghosts as these sad, mopey creatures. But we should just think about their existence for a second. They can fly. They are invisible unless they don’t want to be. They basically have an open pass to cause mischief. Sounds pretty good to us! The thing is, we understand how this sad ghost myth began. There are all sorts of ghosts. Sure, there are the sad ghosts, clanking their chains, hanging out in graveyards, and mulling over their past lives. Then there are the angry ghosts. They’ve got a spooky bee in their bonnet, stomping up and down household stairs, telling people to get out of their old house, maybe warding people away from their gold coin stash. The best kind of ghost? The one who really gets into the role. They aren’t afraid to pull a few tricks, maybe steal someone’s left sock from their foot while they’re sleeping or pull the hand in warm water trick. Sure, that might seem scary to us but it would be hilarious to them! They’re the kind of ghosts that might haunt amusement parks, riding the rides for free and stealing caramel corn. The kind of ghosts with plenty of ghostie friends!Details & DesignThis Halloween, your girl can channel that super happy ghost! The dress has wide wizard sleeves and an asymmetrical hemline. With the cartoonish peaked hood, the ghostly ensemble is quite eye-catching. Top it off with the goofy ghost face and your little one will be ready to right some wrongs for that ghoulish community!In the SpiritSo if your little girl wants to go as a classic this year, give her ghostly attire a happy twist. Maybe other phantoms will join her to change haunting’s melancholy reputation. Whether she’s trick-or-treating or headed to a costume part, your kiddo is sure to be the eerie in cheerie this year. (Forgive our spelling, all the other puns were taken)

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