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Going Absolutely BananasLet us guess. Your kid is going absolutely bananas? Yup, that’s what we suspected. You see, our brains just aren’t wired to spend our days playing video games and watching Netflix, so inevitably, your boy or girl is going to find that their ancient primate DNA is pushing them to explore, adventure, and to learn about the world through play. Now, we say, those instincts aren’t anything to be ashamed about, because we’ve evolved quite a long way! We would even say that you should encourage it. One of the best ways to enhance playtime is with costumes, of course, so we’re just going to drop a little hint of a suggestion that you get your kid into an ape costume for extra fun.When it comes to primates, we don’t think there’s a better choice than a mighty Gorilla. And, naturally, we’ve got our very own Made by Us Gorilla costume, exclusively designed to be the best ones found on the web! Get them this style, and we’re sure they’ll finally be able to enjoy going bananas!Design & DetailsStylishly crafted right in our own design studios, we crafted this costume to be a high-quality version of an classic Halloween style, a wild gorilla! The costume’s jumpsuit zips up the back and features brilliant black faux fur, along with fiberfill molded muscles on the chest. The hood headpiece just slips on and secures with a hook and loop fastener under the chin. You can add some makeup, like we did with our model in the photo, or just let your kid’s smile show as is!Cure that case of bananasThere’s no saying what kind of insights your child will gain from indulging in playtime as a mighty African gorilla, suffice it to say, they definitely oughta try it to see just what it’s like! For fun, for Halloween dress-up, or even for creating a play or viral videos, we’re sure this Gorilla Costume for kids will cure his case of bananas!

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