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AN OLD SOUL AT HEARTKids and the elderly have a lot in common despite their huge age difference. Senior citizens and preschoolers are both prone to crankiness. If they miss a nap or their favorite program, watch out because their crankiness gets kicked into overdrive. Those a little long in the tooth may not go into full-blown temper tantrum mode, but those youngsters surely will. A missed episode of “PAW Patrol” means sobbing and maybe even screaming fits. (Oh, brother!) These two groups also prefer soft foods, take their daily Multivitamins, and they absolutely have no filter whatsoever. If they think your patchwork vest is dorky, don’t worry, kids and seniors will let you know. But no matter how many times your patience gets tested, preschoolers and the elderly can easily capture your heart! The Girl’s Grammy Gertie costume highlights how youngsters and old people are one and the same. Dress her in this costume, get her a crossword puzzle, pour a glass of prune juice, then tune into “Murder, She Wrote.” Now, she’s the mini-version of your mother-in-law. This is a moment to be cherished! PRODUCT DETAILSThe Girl’s Grammy Gertie costume is an exclusive, Made by Us design, meaning it’s crafted from high-quality fabric and made to last. The floral dress with large collar is offset by a green jacket. This costume also comes with a pair of black frame glasses and a gray wig with an interior mesh wig cap for comfort.KIDS THESE DAYS…The adorable costume can be complemented by a cane prop and faux-pearl earrings. Invite the grandparents over for a good laugh because Grammy and Pop-Pop will hoot and holler once they see how their beloved granddaughter aged overnight. They’ll take plenty of pictures to show all their friends at the old folks home.

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