Green M&M Costume


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You’re generally a pretty sweet gal, right? No need to be humble about it, in fact, we’d like to help you express your sweetness with a costume this Halloween. Take a look at this lovely Green M&M Costume! It’s the perfect sweet treat for you to walk around as while you enjoy the Halloween festivities in your town.Your sweetness can’t be described as mildly sour or fruity, really. No, you have a rather smooth sweetness that melts in the mouth. Although at first, you seem to be coated in a thin candy shell, once others get you to come out of that shell your smooth sweetness is matched by none. That is why you can’t deny that an M&M Costume is perfect for you! With this one, you even get to be the green M&M. Everyone loves green things, like a well-tended yard in the middle of spring, a freshly picked granny smith apple, a pile of crisp 20 dollar bills ready to be dived into. A lot of amazing things are green and now you get to be the sweetest, greenest treat when you enter the party scene wearing this glamorous M&M Costume!White gloves are included with this awesome tunic and so all you need to complete this tasty transformation is the proper footwear. We suggest matching with the gloves and grabbing a pair of knee-high white boots! Now get ready to enjoy another memorable Halloween, but just don’t stand too close to the snack table… you may get mistaken for a life-size edible M&M.

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