Gretchen Wieners Mean Girls Cat Halloween Costume

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Cat’s Out of the BagSure, you could go the whole “on Wednesday’s we wear pink” route, but if you and your crew are looking for a fabulous Mean Girls-inspired group costume theme, you can’t go wrong with the girls’ iconic Halloween looks. Take Gretchen Wiener’s Cat Halloween Costume, for instance. We mean, it’s pretty unforgettable. Gretchen is undoubtedly one of the best characters of the film, and dressing like her is always a great idea. And you get to be a “cat” for Halloween (see the ears, you’re a cat, darn it!), how classic is that? Now, it may take a little getting used to your new feline form, but Gretchen’s always been sly, so we doubt you’ll have much trouble adapting. We’ve always known Gretchen was the best, but now in this costume, you’re proving you’re just as sassy, sleek, and cool as Regina George…just…don’t tell her that!Design & DetailsThis exclusive costume was Made by Us right in our own design studio and is fully licensed to fit your and your friends’ elite tastes. It features a well-made, faux leather black body suit that will hug your curves and show off your cat-like prowess. It has a little collar, front zipper, long sleeves, full pant legs, and a scoop neck, all with an undeniable sheen. But it, by itself, is not enough to make you into a cat, you’ll need the included set of spotted ears, of course! Now you really look amazing (maybe even just as amazing as Regina)! 9 Lives of the PartyRemember, as a cat you get not one, not two, but NINE lives—that’s a lot of Halloween party to enjoy. Have fun with your girls, be nice to Cady, and remember, you’re just as good as Regina, no matter what anybody says!

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