Gumball Machine Girl’s Costume


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The Sweet Ol’ DaysRemember the fun of Saturday mornings when you were a kid? You’d finally been given your allowance and you could meet your friends down at the candy shop! You’d ride your bike into town and hastily lean it up against the side of the building as you entered your haven, trying to decide how to divide up your hard-won cash. You always got an assortment of beloved caramels, salt water taffy, rock candy, and fudge, but you made sure you always left just enough to get a few gumballs out of the machine on your way out the door!Such nostalgia! Find the nearest old-timey penny candy shop and take your girl, then share your memories with her over a hot fudge sundae. In no time at all, she’ll be begging you for this Girl’s Gumball Machine Costume, and the two of you can bond over your mutual love of the sweet life. Plus, in this timeless costume, your gal is bound to be followed around the Halloween Party by a throng of adoring fans! Who doesn’t love gumballs?Design & DetailsOur design team worked hard to bring you this bubbly confection! Made by Us right here in our costume studio, this little number is sweet-meets-chic, perfect for your little fun-loving fashionista. It’s a cute A-line dress made to look just like a classic gumball machine. The short-sleeved bodice features a gumball print in rainbow hues, and the red skirt is solid and resembles the machine’s base. The belt features the “coin slot” detail, while the purse is shaped like a quarter! Top her whole look with the sweet little cap and even encourage her to stash a bag of gumballs in her purse, so she can really live up to this costume’s hype when she gives them away to friends!All TreatsWith this original and adorable costume on, your little one’s Halloween will be all treat, no tricks! Maybe you can’t take her back in time and share your childhood with her, but you can get close with this look that really captures the essence of fun.

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