Half Green Dragon Mask


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A Dragon of a Different ColorGreen is great at sending different messages. Sometimes it marks something as eco-friendly. Other times it can convey a feeling of envy. It can also mean ‘go.’For dragons, color is typically just an indication of the environment they live in or the magic they possess. However, this grinning greenie chose to be the earthy color. They were born yellow to protect their riches by blending in with their golden cave. But they felt jealous of the dragons that could take to the sky, free from the burden of hoarding treasure. So, they altered their appearance in order to tell potential thieves and brave adventurers that they could take all the coins and jewels they desired!Product DetailsHonor the generous giant with this Green Dragon Mask! Though the soft-sculpted horns, scales, and teeth create an intimidating appearance, the bright color conveys a much calmer intent. Really sell the dragon’s friendly nature with your eyes when you peer through the provided eye-holes. Whether you fly or stroll your village streets to share the green dragon’s message, the attached elastic band will keep the lightweight accessory secured.New-fang-led DragonComplete your dragon costume with this Green Dragon Mask! Whether you want to show the world you’re as fierce as the magical beasts of old or you want to create a new dragon legend, you’ll be ready dressed in this impressive look!

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