Halo Cortana Bodysuit Costume for Women


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Even a Spartan from the Halo series would be crazy to head into battle without the proper support. Heck, Master Chief might be a wizard with every kind of weapon and gun around, but he’s useless when it comes to hacking computer systems. That’s where Cortana comes in! She’s great at that, but she’s also pretty darn good at mission planning, reading Covenant data and controlling space ships. Now just compare that to what Master Chief does during the course of the Halo games. All he is good at is jumping around and shooting guns… so it’s safe to say she’s a pretty important portion of any operation to save mankind.Perhaps you’re looking to save mankind from destruction, just like Cortana from Halo? Then it’s time to check out this Cortana costume for women. It comes with a blue bodysuit that gives you the ethereal look of the computer A.I. character. It has printed details, like light blue metallic accents. Pair it up with some blue face paint to get the full look from the video game series, or just wear it out as is to give John-117 the backup he needs to blow up alien scum.Of course, you’d better brush up on your computer hacking skills when you wear this costume, since you’ll be expected infiltrate many a computer system in order to destroy the Covenant once and for all. Be sure to check out some of our Master Chief costumes to create a Halo couples costume idea!

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