Halo Wars 2 Jerome Classic Muscle Costume for Boys

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It seems like those darn aliens are always causing trouble. They’re always blowing stuff up, threatening the innocent and really just making a mess of things. It’s really only a matter of time before those ugly buggers come to your doorstep, looking for a fight. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a game plan for when that happens?What if you could train a super soldier? You know, one of those Spartans from the Halo video game series? You could have your own personal alien slayer if you could somehow transform your child into a tough military fighter. Well, we’re here to let you know that there IS a way to do that and it all starts with this Halo Wars 2 Jerome costume!This Jerome classic muscle costume helps your child begin his journey as the hero that the human race needs! It comes fully licensed from the Halo video game series and comes with a printed jumpsuit that recreates the look of the character’s armor. It even has muscle padding in the chest and arms to give your child a muscled up look that’s sure to frighten any Covenant bad guys that are in your neighborhood. It also includes the mask, which looks like a classic Spartan helmet. It has cool details like a reflective visor and molded features.Once your child gets this outfit on he’ll be ready to duke it out with any evil alien in the galaxy. Just make sure that you arm him with some of our toy weapons so he’s fully prepared for any alien attack.

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