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There’s No Place Like HomeLarry the Hamster has been through a lot. During the week, he usually gets to sleep, jog on his wheel, and nibble on toilet paper rolls. But on weekends, any kid in his classroom might be taking him home. But when it was the Russel family’s turn to take him, it was a real party. Friday afternoon, they let Larry loose in his plastic ball but it wasn’t long before the youngest Russel child took the top off and gave the ball a mighty shake. That’s when Larry made like a tree and ran. He scampered into the vent and spent the weekend nibbling on insulation and long-forgotten teething crackers. And when Monday morning came and the tearful Russel second-grader thought all hope was lost, Larry was found nuzzling through the shoes in the entryway as if ready to head back to the second-grade classroom for a lesson in geography and grammar. Sure, Larry likes a three-day adventure but when it comes down to it, nothing beats a fresh toilet paper roll and the Elmer’s Glue smells of Second Grade. Details & DesignThis tawny costume is designed to flaunt an adorable hamster’s shape. You know the look, big cheeks that are perfect for nibbling cucumber slices, and strangely wide hips that fit into the crook of a ten-year-old’s hand just right. Our in-house designers created a jumpsuit that’s easy for your child to zip up themselves and a headpiece that’s sure to turn heads. About time Larry the hamster gets the respect he deserves!Nibble on My Wayward SonIf we had to pick two hamster talents to apply to our own lives, we’d want to be able to store snacks in our cheeks for later and wiggle out of any situation with ease. Think your child has what it takes to channel the hampster spirit. You’ll find out as soon as this hilarious costume shows up at your door!

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