Hand Turkey Costume for Kids


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There are few crafts that are quite as prolific as the hand turkey. Well, okay, we have to admit, there are grade school crafts that give the turkey a run for its money. There are those colorful plastic beaded lizards that everyone made at camp on rainy days. Do you remember carrying them around for key chains? Even if you had no keys it was cool to hook these to your backpack. There are the snowmen made of cotton balls that every classroom makes for winter break every year but they don’t fit under refrigerator magnets nearly as well as the classic hand turkey. But try as they might and as close as they might come, these crafts are never as memorable as the brown turkey with it’s finger-feathers covered in colorful shades of Crayola. Do you remember making your turkeys? It happened almost every year while counting down the minutes before getting released into the glorious four-day weekend of Thanksgiving. You’d trace your hand while thinking of fragrant mashed potatoes and rich pumpkin pie with whipped cream. You’d smile and color in the fingers while thinking about seeing Grandma and Grandpa and playing with cousins. The hand turkey is a craft of excitement and anticipation. Maybe that’s why we like it so much! Now, your child doesn’t only get to bring that happy craft home, they can become the turkey! This tunic makes it easy to transform. Just slip the colorful tunic over your child’s head, one arm goes through the hole, the other makes the head of the turkey. Whether wearing it for a school play, parade, or your kiddo is showing off their Thanksgiving enthusiasm during Halloween, this costume is sure to cause some smiles. After all, who doesn’t love a hand turkey?

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