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When it comes to the world of high fashion modeling, some names are etched in history. These people not only model fashion, they are fashion-bringing such fluid beauty and poise to the world that the rest of us can only watch and admire and feel lucky to be in their presence. They decorate our world, and we relish their perfection even as we’re reminded of our own crushing imperfection.There are precious few models who transcend the mere world of fashion to give us a glimpse of another plane of existence: Twiggy. Cindy Crawford. Kate Moss. Naomi Campbell.Hansel McDonald.There is no other male model quite as amazing as Hansel McDonald. When we look at him, the words “beauty” and “handsomeness” and “incredibly chiseled features” immediately come to mind. He has hair that any beach blonde would envy, and we get lost in his eyes every time. Yet, despite how unbelievably attractive he is, he manages to stay humble and down-to-earth, showing us a heart that is just as beautiful as his face. He truly is the perfect male model.While there is no comparing to Hansel McDonald, you can at least have a taste of his glory thanks to this Zoolanders Hansel McDonald Costume. It comes with a ruggedly fringed faux suede jacket with attached V-neck shirt, flesh colored fabric across the chest to mimic Hansel’s impressive tattoos, and a blonde Hansel wig for that carefree, tousled look he has perfected. As soon as you put on this outfit, you’ll be the star of the catwalk! (Underwear for walk-off competitions not included.)

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