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Comfortable VillainySome supervillains wear some stuffy outfits. Take The Joker, for instance. He wears a full suit, complete with a formal vest and a tie! Not the best villainy attire. Harley Quinn on the other hand? She knows how to dress for comfort when fighting against Batman. She keeps it simple with a red and black jumpsuit that’s easy to change into and comfy to wear when she’s just hanging out at home, not doing villain stuff. This child Harley Quinn Jumpsuit takes that classic suit to the next level! It’s the most comfortable villain outfit you’ll find inside or outside of Gotham City!Product DetailsThis Harley Quinn costume jumpsuit helps your girl transform into the iconic Batman villain, while still keeping comfortable! The jumpsuit is made out of an ultra-soft fleece material that’s cozy enough to wear like pajamas! It fits with a zipper in front, making it easy to change into. Of course, it also has the bright red and black color scheme of Harley Quinn’s signature suit. It even has the diamond patterns on the legs and shoulders and a white collar attached to the neck. Finally, the jumpsuit has a character hood attached to the jumpsuit, complete with pompom jester horns on top to fully recreate Harley’s look. Once your child has it on, she’ll be ready to start her new career as a supervillain… or a she’ll be ready for some lounging on the couch!Batman Better Watch OutIf your girl needs a new look for her future as a supervillain, or if she just needs a comfy new union suit to wear during the next movie marathon, this Harley Quinn jumpsuit is a great choice. Just don’t be surprised if your little one starts cooking up some plots against Batman when she wears it!

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