Harley Quinn Diamonds Costume Bodysuit

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Supervillain Satisfaction Love can make a person do some crazy things. For Harley Quinn, love is all-consuming. She devotes all her days to pleasing The Joker, so she spends most of her time finagling firecrackers to explode in Batman’s face at the most opportune moment. When the Clown Princess isn’t building bombs, she’s creating gag-themed weaponry. They rarely prove to be efficient but nothing makes Harley laugh more than her giant revolver with a cork in the barrel. Needless to say, the supervillain doesn’t have a whole lot of time to deal with costumes when she’s tinkering with explosives so this diamonds costume bodysuit makes getting dressed a lot easier. It will make your costume transformation a lot easier too! Product DetailsThis officially licensed Harley Quinn diamonds costume bodysuit is made from a blend of polyester and spandex so it’s comfortable and flattering on all body types. The snapped crotch is there for your convenience and the printed diamond graphics in alternating black and red creates the classic DC Harley comic book appearance that all fans can appreciate. Knock It Out Of The ParkKnock your Harley Quinn costume out of the park by picking up a baseball bat to use as an intimidating prop! Are you more attracted to mallets? Carry the inflatable mallet instead of the bat!

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