Haunting Ghost Costume for Girls

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Not saying BooThis ghost might look classic but she’s certainly not cliche! She’s draped in white and looking to fright in a brand new way! You never know what kind of place this spirit is going to haunt. She might show up at soccer practice or at a restaurant. She might choose to dance at midnight or scratch your windowpane. One thing is for certain, her haunting is never lame. She’ll shriek or cry or laugh. She could giggle in a canoe. But never assume her catchphrase, a unique ghost doesn’t say, “boo!”. Details & DesignThis gauzy ghost will make a gorgeous entrance to any spooky event. Our in-house designers designed an upgrade to the sheets we were forced to wear for generations. The Made by Us costume has a gauzy look that drapes over the arms in over-sized sleeves. The gown has a gauzy hood and a shift style dress with sheer material that’s layered over the top. Make your little one’s ghost costume come to after-life with a beautifully designed costume that’ll set the haunting bar higher than ever!Glam in the GraveyardWhile this ghost costume is very spooky it can be easily dressed up or dressed down for school days and after-school. You can amp up this look after school by painting your little one’s face with a deathly pallor. Pair the eerie look with a white ghost wig and your little one will be ready to haunt! Kids will be pumped to dress in this classic and affordable look on Halloween night. They’ll look eerie floating along neighborhood sidewalks, making quick candid snapshots extra Instagram friendly. And we have to say, people that used to wear ghost costumes every year are sure to be impressed with this look. You know what that means, right? More boo-ty in the bag!

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