Hazel The Umbrella Academy Mask


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Have Some Killer Style this HalloweenWere you a huge fan of the Netflix adaptation of Umbrella Academy? Us too! That Hargreeves family sure is full of amazing characters with extraordinary abilities. And even though The Temps Commission is trying to ensure that the apocalypse happens as it’s supposed to, we’ve got to admit, we like their style. Well, at least Cha-Cha’s and Hazel’s. Wearing an awesome combo of black suits and creepy masks, those time-traveling assassins are dressed to kill. Sure, at one time, this cartoony bear may have been an endearing and playful cartoon character… but not anymore. When Hazel pops this bad boy on, it’s because someone is threating the timeline and he’s got to stop them. This Halloween, you can bring Hazel’s killer style to all the parties when you complete your costume with this Umbrella Academy Hazel Mask. All you need besides this terrifying oversized mask is a slick black suit. Once the combination is complete, you’ll successfully have brought everyone’s favorite time-traveling assassin to life. Don’t stop there though. Have a friend dress up as Hazel’s daunting partner, the infamous Cha-Cha, and the two of you can stop those darn, meddling Hargreeve kids. They just love messing with the timeline.

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