Hellboy Adult Mask (2019)


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The Hero Halloween DeservesIn a world where everyone’s arguing whether the Avengers could take on the Justice League in a battle royale, why waste your breath? Instead, enjoy your time reading and watching the adventures of hell’s most heroic spawn, Hellboy! He is easily one of the strongest and coolest heroes ever created. He’s got the power of the underworld in the palm of his hands as well as a great sense of humor, what’s not to love? While your friends may enjoy dressing up as their favorite Marvel and DC superheroes, show them how Halloween is done properly.Grab this Hellboy Adult Mask and you’ll be on your way to having a costume that perfectly balances heroes and Halloween. Not only will you be dressed as one of Dark Horse Comic’s most popular heroes but you will also look like something straight out of the depths of Hell! The mask features filed down horns as well as Hellboy’s signature facial hair. The wig is also attached so you won’t need to worry about growing your hair out for the next year and a half. Be sure to look at the rest of our Hellboy-themed costumes and accessories to really bring the Beast of the Apocalypse to life on Halloween!

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