Hippie Afro Wig


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Break out the Afro pick! If you’re looking to be the coolest cat on the beat, ya gotta have two things: Soul and attitude. And that doesn’t come from just any regular geek style off the street – you gotta be able to enter a room with the kind of look that say, “Yo man. I just came into this room right here. Did you notice? I bet you did. Now keep paying that sweet, sweet attention to me, cause I got stuff to say!”So get the look that says “power to the people” with this Hippie Afro Wig. Made of 100% synthetic hair, this brown curly afro will keep it’s shape no matter what kind of weather or revolution you put it through. The interior mesh lining will also keep it on your head straight, even when you’re trying to shake things up and make a change! Peace, love…give it to the people, papa!

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