Hippie Girl Women’s Costume

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When did Carol Brady turn into a fashionista?When you think of the mom from The Brady Bunch, Carol Brady, AKA Florence Henderson, you don’t necessarily think that she’s super stylish. She wears a lot of mom jeans and high-neck sweaters, but she makes them look fabulous. Who would ever think that in today’s world, we would be looking to Mrs. Brady for fashion tips, but it’s happening! She was basically a fashion icon during the 60’s and 70’s and now all that clothing she used to wear is coming back in style. So, if you want to properly represent the hippie era, we would recommend dressing up in some mom jeans and a shirt with a high collar. Lucky for you, you can get the complete, chic, retro, look with this hippie girl costume!You’ll look like you are ready to spread peace, love, and happiness once you get the party started in this hippie girl costume. Whether you plan on wearing it to a festival or you just want to rock it on Halloween, this ensemble will turn you into a style icon too. You’ll receive a green floral print long sleeved blouse, which features a tie that fastens around the neck. The headband matches the shirt perfectly and it wraps around the front of your head to achieve a trendy boho style. The high-waisted jeans have a bell bottom flare that was totally stylish back in the 60’s and 70’s. You’ll look like you could be a new family member in the Brady Bunch once you don this groovy costume!

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