Horned Ice Blue Dragon Half Mask


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That Icy WindMost people will tell you that dragons do not exist. However, we have proof that at least 1 dragon is still soaring the skies.Every winter, frigid winds howl through neighborhoods and city streets. Lingering leaves and still-green grass turn into crunchy ground coverage. The blue fall skies go pale grey. Trees, homes, and roads turn white under heavy snowfall and the winds continue to shake windows and freeze people to the bone.That winter wind is a dragon. You can’t see them, but they’re there, blending in with the icy colors and clouds they blew in on.Product DetailsCelebrate the last dragon and their seasonal powers, with this Ice Blue Dragon Mask. Pale blue and bright white coloring make this molded foam mask look carved from ice. You’ll look fierce under the lightweight accessory with its high-detail horns, scales, and exposed teeth. An elastic band keeps the mask secure and comfortable to wear. Don’t worry about blurry vision, with front-facing eye-holes you’ll only need to check your blind-spots while imagining all your ice-bringing fights.Living LegendOf course, the only remaining dragon is the harbinger of winter. Like dragons themselves, winter is both beautiful and terrible. Half of the world loves it and the other half hides away from it. But whether you love winter and believe dragons exist or you just want to be one of the legendary creatures for Halloween, this Ice Blue Dragon Mask is ready to bring your costume to life!

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