Ice Age Sid the Sloth Child Costume


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OPTIMISM IN THE FACE OF DISASTERSloths tend to be a pretty lazy and slow-moving kind of creature. Perhaps the fact that Sid was rather overly energetic was the reason that the rest of his herd decided to mosey on along without him. Hardly fair since the guy probably could have helped them get where they were going way faster and maybe brought some good humor along for the journey. Then again, some humor just isn’t right for all crowds. Even his new herd took a little bit of time to warm up to the little dude. Boundless energy and silver-lining type folks can be tough when you’re a mammoth who just wants to stay alone or a saber-tooth tiger that’s more interested in working for the carnivores than teaming up with a more hopeful herd. Fortunately, the warm and cuddly ground sloth has the eternal optimism necessary to bind the herd together and get where they’re going! DESIGN & DETAILSYour kiddos will have the same bright smile as Sidney the Sloth when they slide into what our herd of in-house designers have cooked up for you! This officially licensed Sid Costume from Ice Age is a warm jumpsuit that will easily turn them into the equally warm-hearted sloth. The exclusive look includes a multi-shaded yellow bodysuit and gloves and shoe covers, each with long soft-sculpted sloth claws. The hood closes under the neck with hook & loop fastener and has bright blue plastic eyes at the sides. (Gotta keep an eye out for troubling tigers, after all!) TEAM MANAGER!It can be tough to say who is the main character of Ice Age. Between Manny and Sid, they both have some pretty solid lead, and Diego eventually warms up to the crew, too. But, without Sid, the whole thing falls apart. Your tyke can enjoy feeling like the glue that keeps the Ice Age together with this exclusive Sid the Sloth Costume!

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