Inflatable Cow Adults Costume


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No tip NecessaryIs there anything that makes you feel more peaceful than watching a field of happy cows? Picture it. The sky is blue, the grass is lush and green, and the cows gently low as they scout out the best patches of greenery. The image gets even better if you throw in a few calves, shyly traying away from their mom to leap and play with other calves. It’s this picture, combined with those lush-lashed cow eyes that have been steadily spreading a love of these animals through the year. Because while they also provide us with meat and cheese, the cow’s ability to take things slow and enjoy a nice day might be more nourishing than anything else they have to give. And while your typical Holstein doesn’t appreciate a tip (rude) it would be nice to thank your favorite pastoral creature for everything they give us with this lovely inflatable costume!Product DetailsThis four-legged inflatable is a unique take on the classic black and white cow costume. The windbreaker material is printed with black spots while the udder, tail, and expressive face are all three-dimensional once the fan is switched on. Clear plastic lets you see the world out of the cow’s nose white armholes on the side set your hands free. Your legs go into the cow’s front legs while the back legs are lifted slightly off the ground, making transporting yourself relatively simple. This costume uses two fans to keep the cow’s shape. Simply pop four AA batteries into each fan and you’ll be ready to roam.Obligatory Cow PunWhile you might take your love of cows seriously, anyone considering investing in this costume should know that people feel obligated to make cows puns when they see someone in a cow costume. Prepare yourself by dusting up on Holstein humor and you’ll be ready for the main event!

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