Inflatable Moon Costume for Adults


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Over the MoonHave you ever heard the “Hey Diddle Diddle” nursery rhyme? You know, the one about the cat and the fiddle? Well, in it, a simple cow jumps over the moon and we’ve been wondering. What kind of cow has the supernatural ability to jump over the moon? First of all, the moon is 238,900 miles away. The average cow can jump… maybe 5 feet. That means that the cow who jumped over the moon has to be some sort of super-powered cow, with supernatural strength. Second, the cow would have had to survive the vacuum of space, which means the cow has adapted to survive in the conditions of outer space. The only conclusion that we can come to is that the cow is some kind of superhero… a Super Cow, if you will. We wonder how the moon feels about this strange cow visitor…Perhaps you can observe the cow conundrum in action when you become the moon! Based on the happy little satellite of Earth, this Inflatable Moon Adult Costume is an easy costume for lunar fans out there.Design & DetailsThis Made by Us costume was designed by our expert costume designers. It’s a tunic that’s made out of airtight material. It has the landscape of the Moon’s surface printed on the exterior. Just inflate the costume with the built-in fan and you’ll be ready to orbit the Earth… or at the very least, you can orbit the party as you give your friends some quick fun facts about the Moon.Cows and Moon FactsWhether you use this Inflatable Moon Costume to take notes on the cow from “Hey Diddle Diddle” or you just wear it to your friend’s costume party to express your love of Earth’s satellite, this costume is the perfect choice!

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