IT Supreme Pennywise Mask for Adults


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Your Own Personal NightmareThe story of IT is a great one. There’s blood, glory, and plenty of bone-chilling fear created by an entity that feeds on the terror of the innocent. But here’s the thing. IT is a hit. There’s no denying it. So while Pennywise might send chills through your spine and have you hesitant to get too close to the drains, you’ve got to share this nightmare with millions of people. Maybe it’s time to take the lovely horrors that Stephen King created and create some scary situations in your own back yard! Product DetailsThis Supreme Pennywise mask is a high-quality look that’ll look like it’s straight out of the sewers of Derry. The face is rich with details that eke out the facial expressions as well as the cracking makeup along the receding hairline. Red eyes and cracked teeth make you shiver down to your liver. Faux hair sprouts from the latex, taking the disturbing realism a step further. Covering the whole head, this mask will give you a hint of what it’s like to be a timeless entity that exists solely to spread fear. Eerie OpportunitiesAre you ready to take one this role? While you’re waiting for this mask to arrive, practice your growly voice. Because once this mask is in your hands, you’ll want to jump right into this epic role!

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