Jason Friday the 13th Mascot Mask


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Be A Killer MascotEveryone has a favorite horror movie villain and there is no better time to show everybody who you’re rooting for than Halloween. We understand that you may want to go out in the most realistic costume you can put together. We respect that but we think it’s totally fine to enjoy the comfort and ease of a Halloween costume too! Jason Vorhees is one of the scariest slashers there is but you don’t need to go overboard with tons of props and a ghoulish makeover. You can easily bring this iconic killer to life with one simple accessory. No, not a machete. While that is quite terrifying, Jason is most remembered the soulless stare he gave back to his victims from behind his hockey mask.This Halloween you can take a more comedic approach when dressing up as your favorite slasher. Complete your Wessex County Killer costume with this Friday the 13th Jason Mascot Mask for Adults. Its oversized and plushy appearance will add a hint of hilarity to your Halloween costume. However, it does still don Vorhees’ terrifying blank stare. So laughs won’t be the only thing you get when you celebrate your Halloween behind this mask. You’ll easily get plenty of gasps and shrieks when you come out of the shadows with your infamous new look.

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