Jojo Siwa Jacket Costume for Kids


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If you’re a parent, you already know about the impending replacement of classic Hollywood fame with the likes of YouTube stars. JoJo Siwa is a prime example of that. But, and we’re saying this from a perspective that is many decades old at this point, is that replacement such a bad thing? Perhaps a meritocracy based on talent is exactly what we needed to shake up our entertainment paradigm. That’s why we’re placing our bets on JoJo Siwa here.If you haven’t heard of her we bet that your kids have. She’s a singer and performer on YouTube, and she’s hitting the big time with hit songs like “Boomerang” which is both topical AND catchy. A difficult combo for artists of any age and here she is doing it before she can even drive a car! This JoJo Siwa jacket will transform your little one into the young hitmaker with her signature style. And who knows, perhaps your child will become the next biggest star in the world when they upload their awesome performance to the web.

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