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Enough With the Chores!Are you tired of waxing cars and painting fences in the hopes of learning wicked karate moves? Do you bother every elderly Japanese man in hopes that he’s a martial arts master in disguise? Do you get bullied by guys with weird 80’s haircuts who regularly wear skeleton costumes? We have the solution for you! You don’t need Mr. Miyagi to give you a headband and gi, because you’ve already been training for this all your life! You watched Daniel do all of those crazy chores. You watched that car shine and how many times do you really need to paint the fence, anyway? And, come on, Mr. Miyagi. What do you mean, “Not everything is as seems!?” It’s time to let us in on the trick, here! Well, Daniel-san might have taken a while to figure it out, but we knew to always keep an eye on that tricksty Mr. Miyagi. And, now it is your turn to show your stuff because we have the outfit that you can wear to the All Valley Karate Championship! Design & DetailsGear up in this officially licensed Daniel-san costume from Karate Kid and live out all the lessons that you’ve been watching since ’84. Practice the side-to-side techniques with the long-sleeves of this karate gi, complete with the image of a bonsai tree in the back. Do some paint-the-fence when you tie your detailed headband around your forehead. You might even get around Miyagi’s wax on-wax off with the full movement of the elastic pants. Time for the Crane KickYou’ve been practicing your wax on/wax off maneuver for decades—ever since 1984! It is finally time to live out the glory that you know you were born for. Gear up in your Karate Kid look and let’s take down that skeleton-costumed jerk for once and for all!

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