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New York City-based director, videographer, and editor Jim Turner (a.k.a. “J. Matthew Turner”) recently analyzed the 1984 film, ‘The Karate Kid’, and posed this question: What if Daniel LaRusso was the real bully in ‘The Karate Kid’, and not Johnny Lawrence? Think about it! Right from the beginning, Johnny tells his fellow Cobra Kai buddies that all he wants is to turn his life around: “No, ex-degenerate, my man. 8 a.m. tomorrow, I’m a senior. I’ve got one year to make it all work, and that’s what I’m gonna do – make it work.” And then BAM: Here comes some Jersey dude with a real ‘rude ‘tude, moving in on his turf, trying to steal his ex-girl, picking fights with Johnny and his buds at school, harshing Johnny’s mellow at Halloween, and even stealing Johnny’s hard-earned kah-rah-tay glory!Yet even though Daniel LaRusso might be the best around when it comes to some BS regional karate championship, you still can’t keep Johnny down when it comes to his classic ’80s blonde hairstyle! Based on his haircut alone, even if Johnny is the real villain in the story, it’s still hard to hate a guy who has so much hair flair. And this officially licensed Karate Kid Johnny Wig will give you all the Cool Kid From The ’80s vibes you can handle…wear it straight, just as it is, or feather it and top it off with a little hairspray for a classic ’80s Total Movie Hunk touch. Pair it with a Cobra Kai costume and you’ll be ready to head down to the local dojo to do some serious leg-sweeping!

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