Karneval Beige Adult Mask


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When choosing a mask for Karneval season you can’t go wrong with selecting a classic guise. Wearing a mask is a timeless tradition. Masked balls have always subsisted of a balance of freedom and elegance. Royalty used to loved a mask ball because it was the only time they had any chance of socializing with their peers with a veneer of anonymity. Your everyday citizens liked it because masks are a great short cut to a provocatively mysterious ensemble. When you don your mask you might feel strangely less inhibited. When your face is elegantly obscured you might find you can be whoever you like. This chic mask with subtle tone-on-tone texture will go with the most sophisticated evening wear. The simplicity of the masks suits both men and women, looking stunning with both tuxes and full length gowns. If you feel the need to reveal your identity the mask is attached to a head band and can swivel upward for a quick reveal. Enjoy your evening of elegance until the clock strikes 12 and the crowd shouts, “Unmask! Unmask!”

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