Kid’s 1950’s Diner Darling Costume


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Never PhasedWe probably don’t have to tell you, but lots of kids go through phases. For months they’re obsessed with unicorns, then it’s nothing but Olympic swimming. Today it’s all pink—pink walls, pink backpack, pink toothpaste—and tomorrow, their whole world will be green. But your kiddo is different. She’s steadfast and fixated…on the 50s! The music, the fashion, the wholesome family fun, she just loves reading and watching anything she can get her hands on about this epic era. While her pals are pining for pop star costumes and cute animal looks, your unique gal is gunning to gallivant about in this Kid’s 1950s Diner Darling Costume this Halloween.That is SO cool! We love retro-minded youngsters! In this costume, not only does she get to use her imagination to travel back in time, but she gets to look cute while doing so. So get ready to eat a lot of burgers, fries, brown cows, and malts this season, because she’s prepping for a double shift at the diner!Design & DetailsWe don’t want to toot our own horn or anything, but our design team sort of nailed it with this throwback look! OK, we DO want to toot our own horn, because this exclusive costume is Made by Us and totally darling, and dang it, we’re proud of it! In it, your gal can be transported back to a simpler time, when rock n’ roll flooded the radio, the fries were sizzlin’, and the shakes were frosty! It comes with a collared shirt with “50s Diner” emblazoned on the chest, as well as a blue polka-dotted circle skirt. The little pillbox hat matches the skirt’s hue, and the apron adds the finishing touch that pulls the uniform together. Add fun accessories, like bobby socks and saddle shoes, cat-eye glasses, or a neck scarf for that perfect 50s flair she’ll flip for!Order’s Up!Sure, she may grow out of playing carhop, but she’ll never get over her love of the 50s. Encourage her retro style and sensibilities in this super-cute costume that’s nothing short of neato!

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