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What kind of a key opens a banana?A monkey!Get ready, because if your kid is a joker, then they’re gonna LOVE this hilariously fun Kids Banana Costume! Take it from us – there are few things as hilariously funny or zany than dressing up as your favorite fruit on Halloween. Think about it – you’ve gotta have the kind of personality that says, “Hey. It’s Halloween. And you know what I’m going as? A piece. of. FRUIT.” Not to knock anyone else’s costumes, but we think we can all agree that some costumes are just a little more obvious than others. It’s like a lazy joke, or bad pizza…it’s still good, but in order to be really great, sometimes you gotta go for the thing that’s not the most obvious. And this Kids Banana Costume is IT!Made of 100% polyester, the costume features a yellow banana peel tunic…easy to slip on, and easy to take off. In fact, it’s basically the easiest thing around – just have your child wear the long-sleeved black shirt and pants that are probably already in their closet, and they’ll be ready to slip (get it? We said “slip” when talking about a banana costume. We. Are. Hilarious) right into some knee-slappin’ Halloween or costume party action. Pair this costume with any of our gorilla and monkey costumes for a fun group look, or just let this banana stand apart from the rest of the bunch!

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