Kid’s Blaze and the Monster Machines AJ Costume Hoodie


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Blazing PassionFrom inside your preschooler’s bedroom, you hear singing. You sneak down the hallway and stop just shy of the door to listen in and on your mark… 1, 2, 3 let’s blaze! meets your ears. With his favorite toy monster trucks, your kiddo invents his own and recreates his favorite Blaze and the Monster Machines stories as much as he re-watches each episode. You’ve become a fan of the high-speed team too. With their catchy tunes that teach concepts from science, technology, engineering, and math every day, it’s hard to dislike AJ and Blaze. Grinning as you listen to your kiddo continue to play, you know it’s time to let him share his love of AJ and the rest of the crew.Product DetailsWith this Boys Blaze and the Monster Machines AJ Costume Hoodie, your kiddo gets to look just like the STEM savvy AJ any day of the week. The officially licensed hoodie is designed to look like AJ’s race uniform (complete with helmet-printed hood) while keeping him comfortable. When your kiddo is learning about buoyancy or dressing like AJ for Halloween he’s going to have everything he needs in this one hoodie.STEM HeroWhether your little one is heading to daycare or kindergarten they can show their love of Blaze and the Monster Machines with the whole class. And when it comes time for their STEM lesson, your little guy might be the hero that helps the class remember each new concept.

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