Kid’s Cool Kid Biker Vest Costume


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A Cool Biker Dude or a Bad Biker LadyIs he ready to be a cool biker dude? Or maybe she’s ready to be a bad biker lady? We know that they’re young, but there’s no need to put the brakes on that! We can let them have some biker fun for Halloween when we get them this Child Cool Kid Biker Vest Costume. They will definitely be too small to mount a mighty Harley Davidson, but that’s no reason they can’t look the part with this popular costume choice. They’ll have plenty of time to learn about motorcycles later when they grow up, anyway!Product DetailsThis easy-to-wear costume comes with a vest, cap, and tattoo sleeve. The unisex design works great for both boys and girls. It zips up the front features a black faux leather finish with printed patches. The patches include messages like “Never Stop Riding,” “Born to be Free,” and a super-sized graphic on the back that says “Ride or Die.” The tattoo sleeve slips on either arm and features printed tattoos on a nude mesh fabric to instantly give them the tough “inked-up” look that bikers are famous for!A Role-Playing AdventureSet your kids up for Halloween or for playtime with this classic Biker Vest Costume, and there’s no saying where the fun will stop. They might create their own backstory that they’re heroic bikers who act as good samaritans out on the highway. Or maybe their story will be that they’re undercover FBI agents looking to bust up a criminal biker gang! The fun all starts with the costume, so start the adventure with this Cool Kid Biker Costume. Or shop any of our other awesome costume choices to really get their imaginations going!

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