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Safety FirstThey (whoever they are) say that children are more sensitive to the presence of spirits. It would make sense then to have a few kids around when you’re opening up a ghost-hunting business. They’d be ready for adventure, able to communicate with the spirits, and possibly help get to some hard to reach locations on the job site. Of course, it would take a couple of extra precautions to make it safe for a child to help out with catching a ghost—especially if you’re employing the use of a proton pack—but with everything double-checked, the whole team would be ready for action.When the whole family wants to get involved in the Ghostbusters fun, make sure your ghost detecting child has the right gear. With our Made By Us Ghostbusters Cosplay Costume, they’ll have everything they could need to take on even the likes of Gozer.Design & DetailsThis exclusive costume jumpsuit is designed to look and function just like a Ghostbusters uniform should. With usable, zippered pockets, this cotton-blend jumpsuit offers plenty of storage for any odd ghost detecting tool your child might need. They’ll be ready to catch their first ghost with the lightweight proton pack. Its printed design gives the bag a 3D-look. With an attached proton gun this backpack is an interactive accessory that could double as a trick-or-treat bag—assuming there isn’t already an oversized slimer taking up space. Whether they’re heading out for Halloween, planning their cosplay for the next convention, or just pretending they’re on an epic ghost hunt, your child will love this Ghostbusters Costume.Identification OptionalWhen their costume includes a standard Ghostbusters jumpsuit, belt, elbow pads, gloves, and proton pack, your kiddo will be ready for the next call. Of course, they may want to take their cosplay to the next level. Venkman and the crew are cool, but your kiddo may just want their own nametag. With our Ghostbusters Name Badge Kit, they can make their Ghostbusters costume as unique as they are!

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