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See ‘Em and Start Screamin’Is your kiddo just a little bit… out there? Maybe too much of a fan of spiders and creepy things. Perhaps has a particular penchant for particularly dangerous dance numbers and keeps asking you to throw knives into the mix? Enjoys a few things in the world that you can’t help but raise a brow, shudder a bit, and just think, “Ooooooh-kay!” Well, you’re not far off from the iconic theme song and gloriously creepy behavior of the famous Addams family. Now, the mysterious museum that is the Addams’ Family household probably isn’t the perfect place for everyone. And it certainly isn’t going to be ideal for every day of the year. But, there are a few times when the creepy and kooky family of would-be-werewolves and very-nearly-vampires fit in just perfectly. Of course, we’re talking about Halloween! So, when it is time to get those witch shawls and broomsticks, it’s also time to let your kiddo get their Gomez on! Product DetailsWe’re happy to help in providing the very best of Addams Family fun by offering this Gomez costume for your kiddo. This three-part costume includes a jacket that fastens with hook and loops at the back and a pair of pants with an elastic waistband. Both feature glorious black and purple pinstripes and the jacket has a shirt insert and necktie to give your little Gomez a truly snazzy look. Top off the officially licensed look when you help your kiddo put on the molded mask of Gomez Addams’ cartoonishly curious face and the animated character will come to life in your home! Snap Back!For all the creepy tendencies of the Addams family, we can’t help but note that they’re all pretty awesome folks. So, when your kiddo Gomez comes to greet you, be sure to give that cheerful double-snap in return this Halloween.

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