Kids Cute Brown Bear Paw Mitt Glove


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Not Un-bear-ableHalloween is in the fall. The fall gets chilly. Chilly children get colds. Children with colds are less fun than children after eating too much candy. Thus, you’ve made your child wear a coat, hat, and gloves with their costumes for trick-or-treating every October. So far, they’ve survived. They also, however, love to remind you how much they hate wearing all their winter accessories over their costumes.This year, your child has chosen to dress like a bear, hoping that the furry costume gets them out of wearing at least one of their warm layers. You asked them what accessory they dislike the most, assuming they would say coat. They surprised you by saying it was the gloves. While you can’t promise they won’t need to wear their cold-weather gear, you can make wearing gloves more bear-able!Product DetailsFinish your child’s bear costume and keep their fingers warm with these Kid’s Brown Bear Paw Mitts! The plush faux fur, vinyl paw pads, and soft-sculpted claws on the exterior paired with the fleece-lined interior make these cozy gloves the perfect accessory to their costume. They’ll be ready to trick-or-treat in style and you’ll have no worries about frosty fingers!Grin and Bear ItThe next time your child is upset about needing to wear gloves for trick-or-treating, just grin and bear it… literally! Get them ready for a safe and fashionable Halloween with a pair of these Kids Brown Bear Paw mitts. They’ll have the perfect accessory to complete their wild style and you’ll know they’re prepared for the chilly evening!

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