Kids Cute Wolf Paw Mitt Glove


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Don’t Go Crying WolfWolves get a bad rap in children’s literature. Most often the wild canines are up to no good. Scaring the protagonists and messing things up. They’re almost always shown with terrifying fangs and claws like daggers; their hair matted and dark with beady eyes to match. It’s no wonder children grow to fear wolves.Your child, however, loves them! While everyone is running around crying wolf and causing a stir, your little one believes the shaggy beasts are just oversized pups that deserve a second look. They’ve chosen wolves as the topic of school reports, the subject of all their library book check-outs, and now their Halloween costume. They want it to be 100% convincing, but they also want to break the cycle of fear. A hefty task to accomplish, but we can help!Product DetailsHelp your kiddo show there’s more to wolfs than fangs and fear with these cute Kids Wolf Paw Mitts! The super-soft faux fur gloves feature a two-colored design that gives them an almost cartoon style. Paired with soft-sculpted claws and vinyl paw pads, each glove makes a convincing wolf paw for your child’s costume! With a fleece-lined interior, your child will be prepared for everything from chilly trick-or-treating to warm wolf-snuggles!Who’s Afraid?Get your kiddo ready for a wild Halloween as a wolf with these Kids Wolf Paw Mitts! Whether they want to spook their friends while trick-or-treating or continue changing popular opinion, this comfortable costume accessory lets them decide who’s afraid of wolves!

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