Kids Dorothy Wig


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Some ideas are fun to ponder. But that doesn’t mean they’ll make for a costume that everyone can recognize and enjoy. For instance, we’d love to dress up as characters from our imaginary version of The Wizard of Oz set in space. Just picture this:DOROTHY GALE, American astronaut, awakes from cryo-sleep to discover that her ship has crash-landed on an asteroid populated by a society of Munchkin-sized SPACE ALIENS. Accompanied only by her hallucinations of an iron-jawed LUMBERJACK, an anthropomorphic LION, and a dancing SCARECROW, she traces veins of YELLOWISH MINERALS to their hidden source-the secret lair of ANOTHER STRANDED DOROTHY from an alternate universe!If only we knew how to make a gingham spacesuit! Well, it’s like we said: you should probably stick to the original Kansas-girl look that inspired this Kids Dorothy Wig. It’s the perfect way to pay homage to a classic without reinventing the wheel!

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