Kids Dragon Ball Z Red Router


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It’s Over 9000! …Fashionably SpeakingLord Frieza called and has another mission for you. You are to eradicate all living species on another planet. The beings there are said to have many different power levels. So, things could get a bit tricky. Lucky for you, Frieza was kind enough to leave a little gift for you that should help with your success. This Red Scouter is the most advanced piece of technology when it comes to reading power levels. You won’t be left to wonder how much of your power is necessary to use in battle. With the simple push of a button, you will have all the information you need to completely annihilate your enemies. Not to mention, with the red eye cover, you’ll look so cool! No one will want to mess with you.Complete your Halloween costume or your latest cosplay creation with this Dragon Ball Z Red Scouter. You’ll look all the more authentic with this awesome accessory. Be any number of powerful warriors in Frieza’s army or create a whole new character. The choice is yours, but the Red Scouter is a must-have for any early DBZ cosplay! Be sure to check out the rest of our DBZ costumes and accessories to complete your new anime-inspired look.

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