Kids Fortnite Giddy Up Ride On Loot Llama Costume


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Llama to the RescueWhen you think about a hero riding in to save the day, an image of a knight in their shining armor sitting on the back of a horse may be the first thing that comes to mind. For your child, however, they see a llama. Not just any llama, though. Their heroic llama looks like a vibrantly colored pinata come to life. It carries the necessary supplies that aid your child in winning their battle to defend home-base and that goofy-looking savior has become the mascot of their favorite game.You may never fully understand the intricacies of Fortnite and its Loot Llamas, even if your child tries to break it down, but you do understand that llamas and that game are important in their day-to-day. At school, they talk to their friends about the epic standoff they shared the night before or the skin they scored. When they head outside, they create their own teams with the neighborhood kids to play capture the flag with a Fortnite twist. And for the past couple Halloweens, they’ve wanted nothing more than to become their favorite Fortnite heroes.Product DetailsUpgrade your child’s Halloween experience with this Fortnite Giddy Up Ride On Loot Llama Costume for kids. This inflatable outfit starts with a sleeveless shirt and bandana that gives them the standard look of a soldier class character in Fortnite. The inflatable llama is designed to look like one of the games purchasable loot llamas with legs on its back that give the appearance of your child riding as they gallop onto the next trick-or-treating location. The costume is inflated with a battery-powered fan. After each real-world Fortnite adventure, the costume can be hand-washed to keep it looking ready for action!Loaded with LootYour child’s knight in shining armor may look a little different than the ones you remember. However, from all the stories you’ve heard, they’re just as heroic. And excellent at carrying all the loot! Get your kiddo looking the part of their unlikely hero and ready for a Halloween full of unique treats with this Fortnite Giddy Up Ride On Loot Llama Costume!

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