Kids General Robert E. Lee Costume


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History BuffIf your little dude is learning all about 19th-century American history and now he’s been cast in the next big Civil War reenactment due to his smooth southern accent that he’s mastered like nobody’s business, then we’ve got a costume for him right out of Shelby Foote’s dulcet-toned tales of the blue and grey. That’s right, your little fact-loving kiddo is going to be a General, and he can’t even drive yet! With this General Robert E. Lee costume, he’ll have the chance to show his mettle in the wake of a great war… the war against weekend boredom and ignorance of the realities of the American Civil War. He’ll learn all about history as he presents at school, make some good hardtack (although, we’re not sure if it can actually be good), the topography of Chickamauga, probably, and how to trim and keep a daguerreotype-worthy beard. But in all seriousness, we’re hoping this costume is paired with some serious knowledge about our history. Learning is always important.

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