Kid’s Glam Prisoner Costume

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CODENAME: PINK SLAMMERWhat’s black and white and pink all over? No, it isn’t a penguin recovering from a sunburn. It isn’t a newspaper printed for the dollhouse elite, either. It is the astonishing garb of the ultimate undercover agent, the Pink Slammer. This might seem like the most cartoonish superhero that you’ve ever heard of… and you’re not entirely wrong! The Pink Slammer heads right into the thick of the most notorious of bandits and candy thieves to uncover the hidden cache of sweets!Of course, undercover work isn’t all accents and clever utility. (That’s certainly part of it!) It’s going to take a kiddo that has the gumption to act tough, maybe a little threatening, and then know when to lay on the charm so the job can get done! Fortunately, we’re pretty sure that your child has just what it takes to bring that shine to the undercover game!DESIGN & DETAILSTime to dazzle the underworld with this Glam Prisoner costume for kids. This is a Made by Us look that combines the classic cartoon look of the ball and chain criminal with a splash of pink that can only mean fun on the horizon. Our in-house design team created a black and white striped dress with puffy shoulders and a prisoner number on the chest and gave it a mirthful ribbon of pink along the hem and as a belt. Finish the look with a black and white bow and your little undercover criminal is going to reveal where all the candy has been stashed! A MASTER OF FLASHY DISGUISEHelp your child show the criminal underworld that there is nowhere to hide when the Pink Slammer is on duty. This Glam Prisoner costume puts a bright pink twist on the classic cartoon prisoner look and sentences us all to giant smiles.

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