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Your kiddo probably thinks that she is wise beyond her years. If so then we’ve got the perfect costume for her to run around in this Halloween. Check out this awesome Grandma Costume for kids! It will be great for your little girl to finally live her odd dream of being elderly.This hilarious costume comes with a retro floral-patterned dress, a pink headscarf that has two curlers attached, and an extra large butt pad. Once your kiddo throws this costume together it will look as if the local nursing home had a sudden jailbreak. Get ready for your youngster to be even more cranky than usual. But you can rest assure that most things will remain the same once you have a little granny on your hands. Both children and the elderly are rather picky when it comes to food. They are also usually your last choice when it comes to a driver. So it’s not like this costume is about to turn your world upside down… not completely, at least. Just don’t be surprised if your little girl wants to stay in this Halloween to yell at the neighborhood children about walking on the lawn or getting too close to the garden.Your little girl is so adamant about being old enough to do this and get that, so if she wants to act older you may as well help her look older too! Grab this goofy Grandma Costume and let your kiddo walk in the shoes of someone from another generation.

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