Kids Green Furry Jumpsuit Costume


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Monsters are always getting a bad rap. Everyone just jumps to the conclusion that they must be trying to scare somebody when they hide under beds and inside closets, but has anyone ever taken the time to ask a monster why they do those things?Well, you’ll finally get your chance when your child transforms into a monster (and not just the kind that eats all of your food and leaves their clothes on the floor)! This fuzzy green costume has enough faux fur on it to make any kid feel like a monster, so you can finally ask him the big questions about monsters. Get this little monster onto the couch and start asking the tough questions. Why do you take pleasure in scaring the cat? Why do you put the empty food boxes back in the cupboard? Why do you refuse to bathe? Wow, the more I think about the more monsters sound like your ordinary 8-year-old!Regardless of how your little monster behaves, this costume will help transform them into the monster they’ve always wanted to be! This 100% green polyester monster costume comes fully equipped with everything your child needs to look the part this Halloween (or for when they want to jump out and scare their siblings or friends)! The jumpsuit has a zipper closure in back for easy in and out and the matching green mitts are attached. The faux fur shoe covers and hood complete this not-so-scary green monster costume that is perfect for keeping your child warm this Halloween.

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