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One of the most American foods you can get is the classic hot dog (well, maybe apple pie is in there, too, but hot dogs are pretty American). These can be found at any sports game and backyard cookout and are beloved by everyone (even vegetarians love a good tofu dog).Hot dogs aren’t just delicious, they are also a great vehicle for other foods. The beloved condiment food group, to be exact. From mustard and ketchup to onions and pickles, hot dogs can carry any tasty condiment straight to your mouth. Forget crackers or chips, hot dogs are the true king of condiments. We tend to like our hot dogs with the classic ketchup and mustard (and maybe some chili if we’re feeling frisky), but there are a million and one ways to enjoy the American classic.Now your little one can become a great American food with this walking hot dog costume. This kid’s hot dog costume is the perfect funny Halloween costume. It’s affordable and hilarious – kind of like the real thing! This Halloween costume will transform your child into the best hot dog on the block. The polyfoam tunic is shaped like a hot dog and bun and the hot dog even has a stripe of (simulated) mustard running down the front. It looks almost good enough to eat! Add a black undershirt and pair of dark pants to complete this look. Just watch out for any hungry humans!

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